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Case Studies

At KVI, the confidentiality of our customers' property has always been of utmost importance. We are sensitive to the requirements our customers place upon us in the arena of confidentiality. Please understand the omission of our customer information in these case studies.

Since 1985, KVI has been providing design and build services to one of our esteemed medical product customers serving the personal care industry. They rely on us to provide ease of manufacturing input to their designs as well as trouble shoot the actual applications. In essence, "KVI makes it work!" After 15 years, we were posed with a challenge to design and build tooling for a new production line that would revolutionize the manufacturing of their product. First we developed the prototype tools, then in a partnership effort with our customer, we produced the first high volume production tooling unit. Our challenge was to cut a paper product laminated with plastic, cleanly with no residual fibers left on the finished product. We had to produce near perfect tooling with zero cutting clearance. All 160 tooling assemblies had to have interchangeable components. Our customer asked how long each die would last. The true answer was that we did not know since we were broaching new horizons with the design. Combining the correct materials and hardening specifications with ultra precision production methods, KVI successfully produced the tooling to meet our customer's needs at a pace that exceeded their delivery requirements. All units produced were successfully integrated into the production lines, resulting in a successful, on schedule, product launch. Furthermore, the success of this design increased our customer's output five times, resulting in operating cost savings. Our name still remains on banners throughout our customer's large manufacturing facility for being a key contributor to their product's success.

Often, our customers have an engineering staff that is excellent in idea generation for new products, however still in need of advice on manufacturability issues. One such customer partnered with KVI for a tissue modification tooling project. We provided the assistance required to enable a design that may have worked, into a tool that actually worked. FDA approval is still underway.


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