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Wire EDM

  • Close tolerances less than .0001"
  • Submerged technology for stable cutting environments
  • Small diameter wire (.003")
  • Fine finishes to 4 RMS
  • Large taper 15 Deg. @ 10.5" tall
  • Tall workpieces up to nearly 12.0" tall
  • 6th axis rotary requirements for true "Turn and Burn" applications
  • Large volume, 'round the clock applications handled with our work loading robot
  • 25,000 hours capacity
  • Extensive experience in EDM of exotic and high temperature alloys, powdered metals,
    carbide and PCD (polycrystalline diamond)

KVI has been making the difference in Wire EDM since 1980 with the purchase of our first Wire EDM machine.As one of the first companies on the east coast to provide EDM services, we developed a strong foundation rooted in extensive experience. This experience gave us the expertise to handle unique materials and demanding requirements, including close tolerance, small radii work. Whether it's tooling, dies, molds or production level requirements, let KVI apply our knowledge and skill to help you succeed. Our 25,000 hour capacity canhandle quantities both large and small. Tight time schedule? Give us an opportunity! We rise to the challenge of quick turnaround requirements for many of our customers.


  • Full CNC coupled with Tool Changers
  • Close tolerances to .00010
  • Fine finishes right in the machine reduces polishing time and overall part cycle.

KVI is the right choice for your Ram EDM requirements. A few years after implementing our first Wire EDM, we saw the need to complement it with our Ram EDM, offering the same great service, quality and precision. This capability has added value to our full service, one stop philosophy on how to best serve our customers.


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