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KVI brings life to design ideas

In today's medical and dental environment, the speed at which our customers can bring their products to market can mean the difference between success or failure. KVI has helped many firms bring their design ideas to life.

When KVI was introduced to a medical device engineering firm specializing in the development of spinal implants, we knew we had a new challenge before us that fit our company - complex, small parts that required ultra precision tolerances. Their ground breaking designs resulted in KVI producing many iterations of trial products that have evolved into several that are in the final stages of commercialization. Our input for easing the manufacturability of their designs as well as our fast delivery of prototypes helped speed the process of product design to market release. Also, KVI's manufacturing expertise provided cost savings for production quantities.

Medical & Dental Industry Experience: Instrumentation, special assemblies, implants, plates and special tooling. Custom gaging for medical component part manufacturing. Special medical tooling for product testing and ultra precision custom dies for consumer medical product production boasting near zero die clearances.


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